The Virtual Webmaster Team

Mike Wintersgill - Managing Director

Mike set up Virtual Webmaster in 2001 to service the UK SME market. A computer guru with 15yrs sales/marketing experience, you'd think it's about time he retired!

Steve Jakes - Managing Director

Steve set up Virtual Webmaster with Mike in 2001. The ultimate networker and proficient in all areas of the business including staff counciling. The complete football encyclopedia.

Dite Brown - Technical Director

Joined Virtual Webmaster in the summer of 2003 as a junior developer and soon became project leader in a number of large-scale internet application developments. Proficient in ASP, VBscript, Javascript, SQL and many other internet languages.

Jamie Scott - Web Designer

Jamie's design skills run from his websites right up to tattooing and putting holes in himself. He enjoys nothing more than driving around the Dengie Peninsula in his pregnant roller skate and hopes to get his own office soon as Dite's music drives him mad.

Lee Walker - IT Manager

With seven years experience in network and server management for a large Essex-based ISP, Lee joined the Virtual Webmaster team in 2004 bringing with him an impressive skillset in Linux/FreeBSD & Windows.

Jane Diaz - Sales Manager

Jane, Cameron's younger sister, is the brains behind our busy sales department. When she's not out wining and dining prospective clients, she is normally found in the gym perched on an exercise bike. Oh she falls over alot as well but insists she isn't a lush!

Shelley Skinner - Credit Control

Shelley answers the phone and takes out the trash. In her spare time she works tirelessly for a number of charities, although she doesn't like to talk about it too much. All her friends and colleagues are amazed at how much work she does for charity and working for charity is the most important part of her life. When she isn't working for charity she looks for new charities to work for and all her friends remark on how hard she works for charity. She will be going to trek the Himalayas for charity soon which is in support for the Essex Air Ambulance Service which is only one of the charities that she tirelessly and unselfishly supports.